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Unto Heinonen
Probleemblad, March-April 2001
Unto Heinonen, Probleemblad 2001
SPG in 26 moves 11+15
Paris - It is reported that the above problem, by the distinguished Finnish composer Unto Heinonen has been computer tested on Thursday May third in less than 10 minutes. This surprising performance, altough executed on a powerful PC running Windows 98 at 1.3Ghz under 128Mb of memory is reportedly the feat of a new software. Reliable sources have been able to give us a few supplementary facts about the program.
Titled Euclide, from the alleged Greek author of Les éléments, an outstanding treatise of geometry displaying great deduction skills from its author(s), the program is currently available in beta version somewhere on Internet. The author, whose name is yet unknown, seems to be interested only in the underlying algorithm since we have been told that the program is not much flexible in terms of memory usage and options. Rumors talk of a hefty 56Mb of memory! One of our source even discredits the author for he perceived the user interface as a mere revamp of Natch's one.
Pascal Wassong recently admitted to a friend that these persistent rumors gave him fresh motivation to further improve his already excellent program. In conclusion, we think that whether Euclide is real or is only a rumor, it certainly will have a positive impact on computer problem solving.

Euclide 1.11

Try it, it's free! Click the above link to download a setup program [425k] containing the full program. Read the help file before using the program, especially if you encounter the error message "Euclide.txt ???" .

System requirements:

  1. Windows 95/98/NT/2000/XP/Vista/Seven. Euclide is in fact a Win32 Console application, hence it runs in a DOS window. The code can be downloaded and compiled for Linux or Mac OS X. See the documentation for details on how to do that.
  2. 64Mb of memory. Can Win 95 run on less anyway? However, Euclide consumes 56Mb of memory, and will slow down considerably if the computer starts swapping. Hence 96Mb is probably a more realistic requirement if you wish to use the computer while Euclide is working.

Étienne Dupuis

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